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This sexy slut found a reach guy who is ready to marry her. But slut is slut and tonight she was stupid enough to let inside her flat ex-boyfriend. This asshole was a real criminal and to rape his ex was nothing special for him.

There were just a few hours left until the beginning of her wedding ceremony. It was quite enough for the bustard make this whore to remember his big dick and to have some fun forcing her to fuck in all positions.

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Ex-boyfriend rapes hot bride in wedding dress [video]

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Sweet bride still don’t know who this aggressive guy came from. It seems he appeared out of nowhere when she was trying on her adorable wedding dress in front of a big mirror. Bride was throw on the floor and rapist has rolled he skirt up, ripped her sexy black thongs off and started fucking her shaved cunt.

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Rapist attacked bride and ravished her holes [video]

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She didn’t knew that her best friend Bob can be dangerous. He was always quite and steady. That is why
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His cock was so massive and fat that bride’s small cunt almost got torn apart – but the cruel guy wasn’t paying any attention to her screams for mercy. Rapist was breathing heavily over her powerless body stuffing his huge cock deeper and deeper into her tight pink pussy…

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Two aggressive guys asked a bride to invite them on her wedding while she was trying on her bright white dress. Bus Tina hardly knew these dudes and was just laughing about that. It was her big mistake.

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Two total strangers abused cute bride and ripped her expensive wedding dress just a few days before the ceremony.

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Cute girl Audry was always a good girl and never let her boyfriend to fuck her on a first date. She was happy now before her wedding and her would-be husband was a real treasure for her. But anyway she decide to make her last evening special before getting married.

Audry has invited her two last ex-boyfriends for a party in threesome, but later she changed her mind and wanted to stay alone. Unfortunately for her these perverts already got a plan about her sexy body and tight asshole.

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Ashley just needed and advice from a man, but she could not ask her fiance because the problem was in her dress. That’s why she has invited her old friend and ex-school mate for a cup of tea to talk about her wedding dress and future marriage.

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This cute girl was the most beautiful babe in the hood and every guy wanted to get her in the bed. Now all their dreams were destroyed because of girls marriage scheduled just next day. But some of these guys had a different opinion.

Her love to a crazy time spending with an alcohol has played a bad joke this time. She even could not tell anything to her fiance about what happened this night! Perfect time for her cruel friends to get this bride drunk and to rape her while she is helpless. Bride won’t even remember what happened this evening…

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These romantic girl was waiting for her wedding ceremony wearing her bright white wedding dress every day and spending hours at the mirror looking on her glory. She was sitting in her chair when her drunk ex-boyfriend entered the room.

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