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Beautiful brunette Liana was so happy and excited because her wedding just next day and now she just couldn’t wait and all day walking in her wedding dress! She decided to try it on once again this evening… that was when these two cruel morons broke into her apartments – right on time to catch her in all her glory!

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What a sweet young couple – adorable dark haired girl dressed into really nice white wedding dress and a well hung dude that seemed to be so nice with this bride – at least until everybody left them alone in this room… Now there was no one who could see this shocked chick fighting and crying onto the couch with her skirt lift up, spreaded these gorgeous long stockinged legs of hers and filled the tightness of her tight depilated snatch prepared for a first wedding night with his humongous cock…

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Strong angry guy decided to give this hot young bride a good rehearsal of her first wedding night. Her husband was away, she was alone in her apartments tonight, so no one could stop this rapist from grabbing this girl’s hair and dragging her in wedding dress right onto the kitchen couch. After a short merciless struggle he decided not to take her bright white dress off and simply pulled up her skirt exposing fresh goodies. “Wow! What a nice pink cunt! She definitely needs my big boner that will be able to reach the deepest depths of your tight hole – so, shut up and enjoy real deep fuck, bitch!”

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Real life will always teach us to be really fast – crab now what you need and get out while someone else didn’t got your treasure. This rapist understood this lesson good enough – I am sure this is the real reason why he was in this bride’s bed now – just one night before her wedding. She was screaming and struggling to break free of his grip but it was to hard for her – he had taken his place between her gorgeous smooth hips and was stuffing his big rock hard cock into her innocent tight hole…

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Meet bride Tanya! Sexy blond girl just a few days before the wedding ceremony and today she is trying on her brand new dress. She looks so happy and so… hot! Don’t you think so?

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Young bride Tanya looked so innocent in her bright white wedding dress – girls simply couldn’t stay away from the eyes of these two guys who loves to fuck brides! Guys was awaiting for a good moment and suddenly they break into her room. That moment Tanya was wearing her snow-white dress in front of the mirror! Hello, guys, feel free to try all her tight juicy holes, and don’t forget to shoot loads of cum right onto her wedding dress.

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It was to suddenly for a bride! She was trying on her new wedding dress just a few days before the ceremony when two aggressive guys attacked her while nobody else was around. And it was not just another ravishing scene. This is a brutal anal rape! Get inside to see more pictures of this cruel scene – just click link below.

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Hell knows what kind of brotherhood or a confession this crazy fiance is a member of, but now his young bride knows for sure that any member of his fucking religious circle can get down with their member’s bride a day before the wedding.

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These two bastards told these sexy bride that they wanted to tell her something important about her wedding’s eve. Girl could not imagine what they had in their minds when she was letting them into her apartments – they seemed to be so sweet and nice guys. However, soon young bride understood why her lovely fiance was always trying to keep her as far away from strangers as far as it was possible.

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