Bride Ravished by her Beloved After Wedding

This night this young couple become officially married and this horny husband couldn’t wait to take off skirt of his bride’s snow-white wedding dress up, take off her lacy panties and stuff his rocky dick into this innocent wet hole that must have been already oozing with love juice in foretaste of their first wedding night. He was able to ravish her sweet flesh!

But this stupid bitch wanted him to be soft and gentle, she wanted some romantic with candles and flowers to turn her on…

Fuck this bullshit! Guy just pushes her down onto their bed and starts raping her with a thrust savage enough to make her scream and try to break free. But her new husband is strong enough to not let his bride out while he was realizing violent wishes!

Young wive ravished by her husband on their wedding

Bride’s Friend Rapes Her on the Wedding

Beautiful red-haired bride is already in her wedding dress. Adorable snow-white gown, high-heeled expensive shoes, sexy tempting lingerie. All the best for her loving fiance!

But then enters bride’s old friend saying that he popped in to see beautiful wedding dress before her future husband did – and he actually did something else before him too. Bride was screaming and fighting, but she was unable to resist her strong friend raping her.

After a few moment her bright white panties were lying on the floor and her high-heeled shoes were up on his shoulders while his dick was roughtly drilling bride’s tight hole between her yummy hips. Ravished bride just a few minutes before her wedding!

Red-haired bride Helen raped by her friend on the wedding